Chairman’s Message

The Higher Purpose of Transworld Group,‘Delivering Prosperity’ is the driving force behind our endeavors centered around enabling joy, happiness, sustainability, and growth to all Believing in circular economy is not just our vision it is reflected in all aspects of our work and all our business decisions For us, it’s incredibly important that the business and our people operate in a way that demonstrates our core value of social and environmental responsibility.
As a vanguard of the shipping frontier both in the countries where we operate as well as the communities we touch we feel it’s our responsibility and privilege to stand by our values of respect, sustainability and integrity Through our corporate responsibility initiatives, we strive to work towards developing sustainable environment and impact the lives of underprivileged people by building their capacities and play a role of enabler to bring about a positive change relevant to local, national and global contexts. This is successfully delivered with the support of our biggest resource our people, who have been compassionately contributing through sharing their time and skills towards delivering our shared values.

As we look to the next decade 2020 and beyond through this corporate responsibility newsletter we would like to share the efforts undertaken and impact created by our initiatives It is also a call to action to our industry peers partners, customers, suppliers to join us in this fulfilling journey by making a positive difference. 

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!
Corporate Responsibility at Transworld Group
Environmental and Social Responsibility is part of Transworld Group's core values along with integrity, transparency, respect, customer centrality and excellence. With the vision to create prosperity and a positive difference for the people, planet and the environment, our corporate responsibility is aligned with the United Nation's Social Development Goals (SDGs) and Schedule 7 of the Companies Act 2013.
Transworld Group has four pillars of Corporate Responsibility with a focus to create a sustainable and inclusive path to prosperity.
We inculcate the values of giving back to the society amongst our people. Corporate Responsibility initiatives are spearheaded by CR energizers. CR Energizers promote a culture of employee community involvement and engagement, in line with the Transworld Value of social and environmental responsibility. Staff members across company operations play a pivotal role by contributing their time and skills working towards social development through various activities & programmes round the year. 
Sustainability at Transworld
Transworld Group has endorsed green practices at workplace and showcases environmentally responsible and resource-efficient systems in our offices.
  • Solar Panels: 25% of our total energy consumption is through solar energy in Dubai Headquarters
  • Water Filtration: Water filtration systems have been installed to stop usage of plastic bottles in Mumbai and Dubai
  • Recycling: Promoting the 3R approach of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, paper and plastic is recycled
  • No Single Use Plastic: Promoting sustainable practices at workplace, we have made a shift from single use plastic by using and promoting use of wooden cutlery, paper glasses and plates in Dubai offices
  • Food Composting: We have initiated food composting  to convert office food waste into organic compost in Dubai . 
Plastic Pollution Fact – Did you Know?
ONE MILLION plastic bottles are bought EVERY MINUTE around the world — and that number will top half a TRILLION by 2021. Less than half of those bottles end up getting recycled
Outreach 2019
 Health, Food and Water Security
We promote good health and well-being for all by supporting programs to reduce food waste, improve food and water security for a better tomorrow.
Initiatives of 2019 - At a glance

Stewardship of Marine Environment

We commit to responsible ocean shipping and steward towards a healthier ocean, planet and people by supporting an integrated approach to marine and coastal ecosystem.

Initiatives of 2019 - At a glance

Education, Arts, and Civic Engagement

We support education for all, promote traditional art and culture and inculcate a spirit of community service towards the upliftment of lesser privileged communities.

Initiatives of 2019 - At a Glance 

Gender Equity and Inclusion

We believe in equity of opportunity to improve access for women and girls in all domains of society and foster partnerships to promote skilling and  inclusion of people with determination at workplace.

Initiatives of 2019 - At a glance

Recognitions for 2019