Efficiency and high standards are the key to your success and ours. At Avana Logistek, we have the expertise to manage all your logistics needs, all from one place, no matter what the size of your business is, and however complex your operations are.



India's growth story is incomplete without the mention of how transformational coastal service has been to the domestic logistics sector.

By optimizing the potential of the Eastern & Western coastline and ports, we provide energy efficient and "environment friendly" and cost effective logistics solutions as carbon dioxide emissions from coastal shipping are minimal compared to roads and rail. We pioneered the business of coastal container service by commencing operations in 2005 and are the largest domestic coastal logistics solutions provider.

Our coastal service offers the most effective mode of transport for goods, covering all major ports in India, supported by our able and dependable network offices in these regions.

  • Transport of Goods Through Waterways
  • Transport of Goods Through Waterways with Road Origin - End to Port
  • Transport of Goods Through Waterways with Road Destination - Port to End
  • Transport of Goods Through Waterways with Road Origin and Destination - End to End



Our international logistic solutions comprise liner services carried out through Avana Global. Avana Global is one of the key regional liner operators on India-GCC route. We have established our presence in the Middle East, Persian Gulf, South-East Asia and Far-East region. Avana Global operates through Jebel Ali Free Zone and conducts its maritime logistics business through a wide network of partners across 20 countries in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, South-East Asia and Far East region spread across 46 ports and 41 ICDs.

The inventory fleet includes various types of 20Ft and 40Ft containers including dry, high cube dry, open-top, flat rack, foldable, ISO tank and refrigerated containers, on ownership and lease basis, catering to various types of goods which comprise of dry commodities, refrigerated cargos, liquids, chemicals and over-dimensional project cargos.

  • Transport of Goods Through WaterwaysRegional liner services across Middle East, Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia and Far East regions
  • Extensive interland connectivity serving 41 ICD's
  • Solutions for carriage of liquid cargo including hazardous chemicals
  • Expertise in carrying all kind of refrigerated cargo containing fruits, vegetables, sea food, dairy products and pharmaceutical products



Avana Logistek offers one stop solution for both storage and transportation of perishable products of different categories such as dairy, Fruits & Vegetables, Meat & Poultry, Frozen Foods, Confectioneries & Ice Cream with most stringent temperature integrity.

We have expanded our business to reefer trucks and leased cold storages operations with an ability to serve customers on a pan-India basis.

  • Remotely controlled centralized temperature management
  • High tech telematics with features like real time location, temperature & humidity tracking, alerts on vehicle health, and cargo safety
  • Product specific designed containers to transport frozen, chiller and ambient products
  • Multi-chamber and multi-temperature range from +20 degree Celsius to -25 degree Celsius warehouse to store variety of products from frozen meat & poultry, sea food and poultry to chiller products like dairy products and confectionaries
  • Value Added Services like kitting, labelling, sorting, loading and unloading of containers, repacking, sorting, Blast freezing etc. comes as standard offerings
  • Advance WMS customised to suit client's requirement and cross talk connectivity.



We have ventured into warehousing & distribution business (3PL) to provide cost-effective, efficient and innovative warehouse solutions. We offer end to end solutions for different industries which encompasses supply chain design, warehousing design, business process, resource optimization, value added distribution services along with optimization to our customers.

    Key features of the facilities include:
  • Client specific workflows for inbound, outbound and inventory control processes
  • Inventory attribute tracking to allow for tracking of specific customer required attributes such as lot and batch number.
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Receiving and putaway
  • Inbound value-added services by client, product, shipper, receiver
  • Picking based on criteria/logic and thereby increasing productivity



We have a specialized fleet of vehicles complemented with the latest technology and operational infrastructure.

  • Transport of Goods Through WaterwaysWe specialize in providing the containerized intermodal, freight movement.
  • We specialize in providing the containerized intermodal, freight movement.
  • We provide point to point service covering long distance dedicated round trip with GPS enabled trailers which are tracked 24*7.
  • Transport of Goods Through Waterways with Road Origin and Destination - End to End
  • We own GPS enabled trailers of various capacities and offer customized transport solution to various industries and product segments.
  • We serve over 1,500 pin codes.
  • We offer logistics support for the movement of ISO tanks and reefer containers.