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Transworld Group is committed to creating prosperity and a positive

for the people, planet and environment.

Transworld commits to create prosperity and a positive difference for the people, planet and the environment.


We believe that businesses can thrive if the society and environment prosper alongside. Therefore, we commit to leverage in-house skills and CR grants at the grassroots to create a sustainable and inclusive path to economic growth and prosperity and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Approach:

Our Corporate Responsibility approach is to create strategies relevant to local, national & global contexts. We strive to generate shared value in the lives of our people, planet and the environment through employee volunteering, stakeholder engagement and grant making. We focus on measuring social and environmental impact of our various initiatives and demonstrate an ongoing learning.

Focus Areas:

Our focus areas for corporate responsibility after harmonizing the United Nation's Social Development Goals (SDGs), with our core values of integrity, transparency, respect, customer centrality, excellence and social & environmental responsibility are: (the focus areas can follow)

Health, Food & Water Security

We support innovative social experiments to find locally designed solutions to decrease food waste, improve food and water security and guide companies to align their operations with the UN SDGs for a better tomorrow.

Stewardship of Marine Environment

We commit to responsible ocean shipping and steward towards a healthier ocean, planet and people by supporting an integrated approach to marine and coastal ecosystem.

Education, Arts & Civic Engagement

We promote traditional arts and support dynamic educational initiatives to inculcate a spirit of community service.

Gender Equity and Inclusion

We believe in equity of opportunity and endorse organizations that improve access for women and girls in all domains of society.

Employee Volunteering:

Transworld group motivates its employees to engage in volunteering activities around pressing social issues. We organize regular community based initiatives, awareness campaigns and encourage cross-learning and talent sharing with our organizational partners. The Volunteering program is driven by a group of CR energizers.