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Ship Owning

Ship owning in its simplest terms is the having the ownership of a vessel or vessels or having a stake in them. An important part of the Ship Owning activity is ensuring that the owned vessels have all the necessary compliances and statutory certification as per International Rules. In addition, the criteria for local laws in the intended region of deployment is required to be complied with.

Transworld Group owns a fleet of vessels which are Indian and Panama flagged. The fleet consists of container vessels ranging in capacity from 700 TEUs to 5000 TEUs, handy size geared bulk carriers and the newly added Tanker vessels. The vessel fleet is classed with DNV-GL and NKK. The bulk carrier fleet is deployed in worldwide trading while the container fleet operates in West Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, Southeast Asia and Far East. The Indian flagged container fleet is deployed on Indian coastal service under Shreyas Shipping Limited.

Specialist Ship Management is a service-oriented activity in which ship maintenance and management, both in terms of manpower and technical requirements, is undertaken by a 3rd party who is neither the vessel owner nor the commercial operator of the vessel. The Ship Management companies are under contractual obligation to manage and maintain the vessels under their care and provide the detailed technical management to keep them operating efficiently.

Transworld Group, with its large fleet of Indian and foreign flag owned vessels, has been in the field of Ship Management for last 2 decades. The managed fleet includes Group owned vessels and external vessels. Container vessels, Bulk carriers, and Tanker Vessels form a part of our managed fleet.