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TW Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.  (TWSM) is one of India's premium private sector ship management firms, renowned globally for its formidable presence in the handy size dry bulk carriers, general cargo and container vessels.

While we offer you end-to-end maritime solutions for technical and crew management services, we also assist ship owners in terms of strategy, project planning and execution.

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TWSM is an integral part of the renowned 45-year-old Transworld Group. Besides several decades of technical expertise and seafaring knowledge

We have achieved IRS certifications for ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018.

Close collaboration and clear communication between our shore office and the fleet are the two TWSM hallmarks of a stellar customer experience. It also contributes towards the navigational and operational safety of your vessel on a daily basis.

With a finger on the pulse of global markets, we are always poised to anticipate your needs and deliver on our commitments.

Our Services

Ship Management

Our main goal is to ensure that the vessels we manage are in mint condition and ready to operate anytime, anywhere. Hence, our shore-based management team works very closely with you as a ship owner to sustain the highest possible performance levels but at competitive costs.

Our Quality Assurance processes include continual improvements in safety, environmental protection, and operational efficiency. We also provide you with timely reporting using both innovative marine software solutions and regular hands-on inspection.

Ship Management
Crew Management

Crew Management

We offer a comprehensive crew management service, which includes selection, recruitment, training, payroll and travel logistics. Our 2,500 plus pool of active seafarers from diverse nationalities provide you with a broad range of technical services for your vessel – when you need them and wherever you are based.

We also believe that professional development is as equally important as personal growth. Hence our training and development services ensure that all our TWSM crew make a critical contribution aboard your ship.

Technical Consultancy

As a ship owner, you can avail of our wide array of technical services, which include conceptual designs, emission reduction solutions, project planning, new building supervision and dry-docking support.

Our team of experts comprise extremely passionate master mariners, marine engineers, superintendents, and electrical engineers who are bolstered by specialists from other pertinent fields of expertise.

We can anticipate, plan and execute your complex needs and we have delivered around seven new buildings to date.

Technical Consultancy


What is ship management?

Ship management involves overseeing the operations, maintenance, and logistics of vessels to ensure their efficient and safe functioning. It covers a range of tasks from crewing and technical maintenance to regulatory compliance and financial management.

A ship management company handles various aspects of vessel operations, including crewing, technical maintenance, regulatory compliance, and financial administration. Their goal is to optimize vessel performance, ensure safety, and manage costs effectively.

A ship manager oversees the day-to-day operations of vessels, ensuring they comply with regulations, arranging maintenance, managing budgets, and coordinating crews. They're responsible for the overall performance and safety of the fleet.

Crew management involves recruiting, training, scheduling, and ensuring the well-being of onboard personnel. It encompasses hiring qualified crew, managing rotations, and maintaining a skilled and motivated workforce.

Ship management covers a wide spectrum, including technical maintenance, regulatory compliance, crew management, budgeting, safety protocols, and ensuring optimal vessel performance. It involves everything from routine maintenance to emergency response plans.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner for all your logistics needs. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about how we can support you.