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Update : Sep 26 , 2023

With increase in the demand for goods leading to increase in logistics, the impact of packaging and transportation on the environment draws concerns from many environmentalists worldwide. The capacity to deliver packages seamlessly has seem a major boom post-pandemic. Withal, it is equally important for logistics companies to take a step towards adopting eco-friendly freight practices.

Interestingly, this is where environmentally friendly shipping comes into play - how one packs, and ships things has an enormous impact on the environment. To limit the influence, one must step forward to offset the business’s carbon footprint while ensuring no compromise on consumer experiences. This has led for consumers demanding more sustainable ways of shopping and brands imbibing the same in their culture.

Let’s discover a few valuable tips to make your shipping process an eco-friendly experience.

What is the Meaning of Eco-Friendly Shipping?

Eco-Friendly or Environmentally Friendly Shipping means sustainable use of resources and optimizing the process in an environment-friendly manner. It involves using biodegradable material, which can be reused, recycled, and decomposed quickly. It also consists of amalgamating orders or transactions into sole delivery while utilizing low carbon-emitting freight techniques and distinct strategies to minimize its environmental impact.

How to incorporate Eco-friendly shipping?

Opt for an Eco-Friendly Logistics Partner

Every logistics partner boasts a fleet. The manner shipping company manages the fleet formulates a distinguished difference in delivering sustainable or eco-friendly shipping for the business. While hiring an eco-friendly freight forwarding agency carrier, you can take a step forward low carbon-emitting shipping process. Ensure that the company uses sustainable techniques and eco-friendly freight solutions like adopting green packaging.

Go for Green Packaging

Packaging plays a crucial role in shipping damages and deteriorating the environment. Choose green packaging like compostable mailer bags and biodegradable packing to minimize packaging waste. Utilize eco-friendly materials while shipping the products. Most reputed e-Commerce and logistics companies can opt for packaging options involving Cornstarch packaging, compostable materials, Air pillows, recycled craft paper, corrugated cardboard, packaging peanuts, and modified shipping containers worthwhile options.

Reduce the Packaging Size

Ensure the packages are packed effectually using small box sizes and reduced packaging material, provided it is not too tight and damaging for products. It reduces the shipment’s dimensional weight ad overall expenditure while reducing waste and carbon footprint. The biggest packaging mistake counts when a small item is packed in a big box. And, when it comes to fillers, packaging companies often use Styrofoam. Styrofoam deteriorates the environment and is considered harmful as well. The most effective alternative is biodegradable packing peanuts, which originated from natural sources like wheat and cornstarch.

Introduce a Sustainable Returns Program for Your Products

One might step forward in reducing carbon footprint by offering a more sustainable product returns process. Formulating a mutually favorable returns programme is a hand-in-glove situation for you and the customer. Return of goods is considered environmentally damaging because of the fuel spent and pollution. Nevertheless, destroying flawed products rather than returning them imparts distinct environmental consequences. The best solution is not to ask for the old faulty product back and think about sending a new product as it eliminates the annoyance of the return process while minimizing shipping pollution.

Switch to Hydrogen Fuel

As we all know, ocean freight is responsible for substantial carbon emissions, but it can be minimized by adopting fuel cell technology. Businesses can explore and implement easy and affordable Hydrogen fuel options. The process of electrolysis that involves the emission of heat and water vapor manufactures hydrogen fuel. If we replace the bunker fuel with hydrogen, pollution can be reduced while attaining zero emissions ocean freight. The clean energy technology of hydrogen fuels has already been embraced in small ferries and a good chunk of riverboats—the process experiments for inland waterways. Shortly, larger container ships can be able to run on hydrogen fuels. We are a step away from the policy implementation!

Bulk Shipping

Most of the packages are required in individual packaging. But try not to ship them individually. Instead, ship in bulk to enjoy the dual benefit of saving resources and helping to keep the environment safe! When we ship a large number of boxes, it reduces unused freight space while saving fuel utilization. For example, when a customer orders several items, ship them in one container to save the packaging cost.

Transworld Group is a reliable option if you scrutinize sustainable logistics and eco-friendly shipping options for implementation. Indeed, Transworld Group is known for its policy and philosophy of an eco-friendly logistics company that covers various effective and sustainable logistics and associated services. Therefore, if you wish for an eco-friendly experience in the execution and fulfilment, contact us now. Our every effort counts in sustainability.