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"Efficient warehousing and distribution, delivered"

Welcome to Transworld Group's warehousing and distribution services. As a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable warehousing and distribution in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and products to customers. Our warehousing units are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. With more than 200,000 square meters of warehousing space located at strategic locations around the globe, we are well-equipped to handle the storage and distribution needs of businesses of all sizes. One of our state-of-the-art logistics facilities is located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, serving as a distribution hub for the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, Europe, and the USA.

At Transworld, we are committed to providing our clients with the best warehousing and distribution services. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions to help you streamline your supply chain management.

Cold Chain Logisitics

If you are looking for specialized storage solutions for temperature-sensitive goods, Transworld's cold storage warehouse services are just what you need. Our state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouses are designed to maintain precise temperature control, making them ideal for storing perishable items, such as fresh produce, frozen foods, and other temperature-sensitive goods. With our extensive experience in cold chain logistics and advanced cold storage facilities, we can help you ensure that your products remain at the right temperature throughout the entire supply chain, from transportation to storage and distribution. Know more

Cold Chain Distribution Centre, JAFZA, Dubai

Equipped with advanced technology, temperature-controlled facilities, and unmatched expertise, our Cold Chain Distribution Centre is the pinnacle of reliability in preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods throughout the supply chain. Know more

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Our Benefits

  • Reduced cycle times and inventory levels

    Our warehousing and distribution solutions help streamline your supply chain and reduce the time it takes to get products to your customers.

  • Lower costs

    By optimizing your supply chain, we can help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

  • Improved customer service

    Our focus on efficiency and reliability helps ensure that your customers receive the best possible service and support.


What are the benefits of using warehousing and distribution services?

Utilizing warehousing and distribution services offers numerous advantages. These include efficient inventory management and storage solutions, streamlined order fulfillment processes, faster delivery times, reduced transportation costs, scalability, and enhanced supply chain visibility and control.

A 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) warehouse is a facility operated by a third-party logistics provider. It offers warehousing, distribution, and other value-added services to businesses. 3PL warehouses specialize in managing logistics operations on behalf of companies, providing expertise and infrastructure to streamline supply chain activities and improve overall efficiency. Transworld Group offers storage through both owned warehouses and through 3PL warehouse.

Our warehouses can accommodate a wide range of products across various industries. Examples include consumer goods, electronics, food and beverages, automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, retail merchandise, industrial equipment, and hazardous materials (if compliant) and many more.

Warehousing and distribution play a crucial role in supply chain management. They provide a central location for inventory storage and management, facilitate efficient order processing and fulfillment, enable transportation optimization, enhance inventory visibility and control, minimize stockouts, and improve customer service levels.

We employ various security measures to protect your goods. These include 24/7 surveillance systems, controlled access systems, alarm systems, fire protection systems, regular inspections, and trained security personnel. Additionally, insurance options are often available to provide additional peace of mind.

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