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Case Study - Logistics


The challenge was to successfully manage the logistics for the construction of the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, a project of immense cultural and religious significance. The complexity lay not only in the sheer scale of the construction but also in the diversity of materials sourced from various countries, ranging from intricately carved stones to delicate decoration materials.




Transworld Group implemented a comprehensive and strategic logistics plan to overcome the multifaceted challenges associated with transporting a diverse range of cargo over a six-year period (2019-2024). The key components of the solution included:

Precise Planning: Meticulous planning was undertaken to ensure the safe and timely transportation of materials. This involved detailed route mapping, considering the nature of each cargo item, and coordinating with various stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

Global Coordination: Given the international scope of sourcing materials, Transworld Group efficiently coordinated with suppliers from Belgium, China, India, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This required a seamless integration of logistics networks across borders.

Varied Transportation Modes: The project involved a combination of land, sea, and inland transportation within the UAE. Transworld Group utilized 2190 trucks for land transportation, 200 vessels for sea transport, and strategically planned inland routes to cover a total distance of 24,763,508 kilometers.

Time Management: The timely delivery of materials was crucial for the construction timeline. Transworld Group ensured a synchronized movement of cargo, utilizing 149,425 team hours, and avoiding any delays that could impact the construction schedule.




The successful implementation of Transworld Group's logistics solutions resulted in several noteworthy outcomes:

Efficient Cargo Movement: A total of 1,075 tons of cargo, including diverse items such as carved stones, pink sandbricks, statues, idols, marble, decoration materials, flowers, chillers, carpets, food items, and Amrut Kalash, were transported seamlessly over the six-year period.

Impressive Distance Covered: The cargo covered an impressive distance of 24,763,508 kilometers, demonstrating Transworld Group's capability to handle large-scale, international logistics operations.

Diverse Transportation Modes: Utilizing 2190 trucks, 200 vessels, and incorporating sea, land, and inland transportation, Transworld Group showcased its versatility in managing diverse logistics challenges.

Today, the BAPS temple stands as a symbol of unity, peace, and spirituality in Abu Dhabi. Transworld Group's role in ensuring the smooth flow of operations contributed significantly to the successful completion of this architectural marvel.