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Case Study - Sports Logistics


We identified sports logistics as a new growth area and saw an opportunity to enter the market by partnering with the Sharjah Warriors cricket team for the International League T20 in UAE. As a first-time sports logistics partner, we faced the challenge of managing the logistics for a professional sports team competing at an international level. The Sharjah Warriors cricket team required a range of services, including transportation, human resources, and airport transfers, among others.



We successfully managed the logistics for the Sharjah Warriors cricket team by providing a range of services. These included a team bus, bus wrap, luggage van, luxury cars, airport transfers and airfreight movement of players’ kitbags. We also provided human resources to ensure the smooth operation of the logistics. We had to deal with most of the Our team worked closely with the Sharjah Warriors management to understand their requirements and ensure that all logistics were planned and executed to perfection. Our experienced team of logistics professionals ensured that all aspects of the operation were coordinated seamlessly, from airport transfers to hotel stays, practice sessions, match-day logistics & any ad-hoc requirements of the team.


Transworld Group's successful management of the logistics for the Sharjah Warriors cricket team during the International League T20 in UAE demonstrated our ability to enter and excel in the sports logistics market. The partnership was a success, and the Sharjah Warriors team expressed their satisfaction with the quality of services provided by us. The company's entry into sports logistics opened a new growth area, and Transworld Group has since expanded its services to include logistics management for other sports teams and events.