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Cold Storage Warehouse Cold Storage

Our Cold Chain Distribution Centre in Dubai

Transworld Group provides  state-of-the-art warehousing solutions for temperature-sensitive products. Our facilities in Jebel Ali Free Zone (South), has achieved the prestigious Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 for Storage and Transportation Services of Dry, Chilled, and Frozen Food Products! and are designed to maintain the ideal temperature and conditions for all types of perishable goods. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a reliable and secure storage solution for their valuable products.

Our Special Frozen & Cool Warehouse solutions ensure your cargo is safe and well maintained through all times! Frozen Warehouse: Our frozen warehouse is equipped with advanced technology to maintain temperatures as low as -20°C. This ensures that your frozen products, such as seafood, meat, and ice cream, are stored at optimal temperatures to preserve their freshness and quality. Our frozen storage solutions are designed to cater to a wide range of businesses, from small enterprises to large-scale distributors.

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Cold Storage Warehouse Facilities in Dubai

  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 Certified
  • Warehouse Infrastructure: Total Built Up Area 5583 Square Mt
  • 6 Loading Bays: Adequate parking for all sizes of trucks
  • Temperature ranging from -20°C to +5°C
  • Large marshaling areas for staging, inspections, and pallet building
  • Massive storage capacity for high volume and throughput
  • IT & Warehouse Management System support
  • 24x7 Surveillance and CCTV monitoring
  • 24x7 Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • 24x7 Accessibility of Stock Report Waste Management

Cold Storage Warehouse

Frozen Area – Chamber 1

  • Built Up Area - 920 Square Mt.
  • Double Deep Racking System
  • No. of Pallets – 1,560
  • Cool - Temperature range up-to: -5°C to +5°C
  • Products which can be stored: Dairy, Cheese, Juices, Fruits & Vegetables, Fresh Meat, Eggs

Frozen Area – Chamber 2

  • Built Up Area - 1119 Square Mt.
  • Double Deep Racking System
  • No. of Pallets – 2,166
  • Cool - Temperature range up-to: -18°C to -20°C
  • Products which can be stored: Seafood, Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Frozen food, French Fries, Green Peas, Canned Food etc.

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• Can I rent cold storage space on a short-term basis?

Yes, we offer short-term storage space rental options to accommodate your specific needs.

To ensure safety and security, we have implemented visual aids, conducted safety briefings for our staff, installed temperature monitoring units, and implemented CCTV camera surveillance.

Yes, our cold storage facility is equipped with backup power systems to ensure uninterrupted operation and to safeguard your products.

Yes, we provide temperature monitoring and reporting services to ensure strict temperature control and compliance.

Our cold storage facility operates with morning and night shifts, allowing access to your products based on your specific requirements.

Yes, we offer value-added services such as co-packing, labeling, and repackaging to meet your specific needs and requirements.

We employ various inventory management and tracking procedures, including quarterly, half-yearly, and annual inventory counts. We also offer cycle count and RMA services as applicable.

We follow standard operating procedures and utilize Material Handling Equipment (MHE) to ensure efficient and safe loading and unloading of products.

To maintain the integrity of stored products, we implement various quality control measures, including temperature and humidity records, freezer temperature records, dispatch records, corrective action records, personal hygiene protocols, cleaning schedules, and breakdown maintenance records.

Yes, we provide transportation services to facilitate the seamless movement of products to and from our cold storage facility.


Transworld Group

Plot No S 20119, Jebel Ali Free Zone(South), Dubai, U.A.E.

Phone: +971 565340511