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Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network

Transworld Group, Corporate Responsibility team in Dubai received a certificate of recognition for our contribution and active engagement with the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network in 2019 at an appreciation ceremony held in Dubai Chamber of Commerce Headquarters. In the past year, we actively participated in various task forces, Sustainability Week, Give and Gain Week, presented case studies on sustainability practices and Ramadan Fridge Initiative to name some activities with the Network. Our Rebuilding Kerala case study was published in Network's newsletter and we also received the prestigious CSR Label for our work in CSR and sustainability space.

Transworld Shipping, Trading & Logistics Services, Oman gets recognition for paper recycling- 2019

Social and Environmental Responsibility is one of the core values of Transworld Group. In line with our core value, our office Waste Management Campaign focuses on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. While reducing the waste is a priority, Transworld Group, across its offices, has been taking initiatives to ensure the segregated waste reaches proper recycling channels. Transworld Group in Oman has joined Muscat Daily’s recycling initiative, the largest recycling campaign involving the general public / maximum number of people launched in Oman till date. Transworld Group’s recycling initiative achieved a new milestone. Recognizing the conscientious efforts taken by Transworld Group team in Oman, Muscat Daily has issued ‘Tree Saver Certificate’ in recognition of paper recycling by Transworld Shipping, Trading & Logistics Services LLC (A Member of Transworld Group).

Clothes and E-Waste Collection Drive- 2019

As a part of Dubai Chamber’s Sustainability Week campaign, "Clothes & E-waste collection Drive was organized at Dubai from 12th November to 24th November 2019. We collected around 116 kgs of clothes and handed over to our NGO partners الهلال الاحمر الاماراتي UAE red crescent and 76 kgs of E-waste were collected & handed over to our NGO partner Ecyclex. 30 Transworld volunteers supported the campaign by generously donating their clothes & E-waste. We received a certificate of appreciation from the #Ecyclex & Dubai Chamber for organizing the campaign.

Recycling Workshop- 2019

The CR team organized an awareness session on waste management in various departments of Transworld’s Dubai office on 29th January 2020. A team from Beeah facilitated the sessions and initiated an interactive discussion on daily practices for waste segregation and highlighted the importance of recycling.

Going Green, Clean and Smart- 2018

As Transworld Group marches towards sustainable growth, in line with the Core Value of ‘Social and Environmental Responsibility’, solar panels were installed at Transworld Group office in Dubai in 2018. .

Talk on Plastic Free Living- 2018

Disposable plastic items represent 50% of marine litter. As part of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, Corporate Responsibility team organized a talk on Living Plastic Free - A Zero Waste Life in Dubai on 26th July 2018. The session focused on spreading awareness to reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives. The speaker of the day, Ms Nila McCann living a plastic free life in Dubai shared her experiences, challenges and tips to lead a zero-waste life in the UAE.

Recycling Workshop- 2018

The Mumbai office rolled out the waste recycling initiative with an awareness and hands on training program on waste categorization, segregation and mode of recycling with technical resource partner Sampurnearth Environment Solutions.